S Club 7's Paul Cattermole Brit Award for sale on ebay

A former S Club 7 member has expressed his delight after bidding for his Brit Award has reached £66,000.

Paul Cattermole, one of the seven members of the British pop group that formed in the late 1990s, said he had put the Best Newcomer Award on ebay as there were “bills to pay”.

After listing the item on January 5 describing it as in ‘very good conditions’ with no damage, bids have risen to £66,000.

“I didn’t expect it to skyrocket like this. I am watching every bid very closely,” he wrote on the eBay bidding page.

The Don’t Stop Movin’ singer, who has offered to meet the winning bidder, previously told Newsbeat: “I don’t want the other members to think that I am dissing the band by selling it but there are bills to pay.”

After the bidding on eBay suddenly shot up, Mr Cattermole, now 40, waived the postage fee.

On the site, he said that he would provide a letter of provenance for the award which he received for Best Newcomer in 2000.

“If there are some silly bids at the end on Monday I will be deleting them and/or coming straight down the line to the next bidder. So you can bid with full confidence,” he wrote.

Bidding for the item is due to end on Monday.

Source: Glasgow & West

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