Eight awesome places to dine out at during Veganuary

Amongst the pledges to abstain from alcohol, eat more vegetables and to throw away the leftover chocolate from Christmas, one January challenge has been steadily rising in popularity.

Instead of counting calories and limiting carbs, thousands of people across the UK are instead choosing to take part in Veganuary.

The challenge encourages people to pledge to cut out animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs and even honey.

When Veganuary first launched in 2014, 3,300 people pledged to go vegan during the first month of the year.

Five years later, that number is expected to rise to 150,000 people in 2018, with 67% of participants last year pledging to stick with the diet.

Veganism has shown no signs of slowing down in popularity, with The Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life Magazine finding there were over half a million vegans in Great Britain in 2016.

Holiday letting search engine Holidu named Edinburgh and Glasgow in the top ten most vegan-friendly cities in the UK in 2017, in second and fifth place respectively.

So if you’re taking part and are looking for some new places to eat or need a little inspiration to keep you going, then take a look at these restaurants and cafes from across Scotland all offering vegan meals.

Vegan cupcake jars from Cupcakes by Jo

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bduso5fFMMV/?taken-by=cupcake_jo | instagram

Aberdeen-based baker Jo Gale has branched out her cupcake bakery in the north-east by adding vegan options to her shelves.

From her popular cupcake jars filled with sponge, jam and icing to cupcakes topped with biscoff, chocolate and vanilla buttercream, her Crown Street store has been inundated with vegans looking for a sweet treat during January.

Haggis tower at Hendersons of Edinburgh

https://www.instagram.com/p/BbounielS9d/?taken-by=hendersonsofedi | instagram

Known as the UK’s longest-running vegetarian restaurant, Hendersons went 100% vegan in 2015 and has been plating up dishes at its Thistle Street restaurant.

If the idea of missing out on a traditional Burns supper is making you regret your choice to pledge to the challenge then fear not, as Hendersons offer a vegan stack of mashed root vegetables and spicy haggis with red wine gravy.

Sunday Roast from The 78

https://www.instagram.com/p/BdaVmdLgdbT/?taken-at=342575 | instagram

The 100% vegan cafe in Finnieston, Glasgow has all your Sunday roast cravings sorted without any animal products in sight.

With a crispy mushroom wellington, roast potatoes, stuffing balls, roasted vegetables and red wine gravy all on offer, you’ll be too full to notice that there wasn’t a Yorkshire pudding or slice of beef in sight.

Falafel burger by Avery & Co

https://www.instagram.com/p/BbM8BvxFNrP/?taken-by=averydundee | instagram

For something a little healthier on a burger bun, Avery & Co’s enormous falafel burger will surely curb any cravings for a meatier version.

The Dundee cafe and restaurant offers an entirely separate vegan menu and this particular dish from the specials board involves some cooking wizardry, as the chefs transform aubergine into smokey bacon strips.

But if you’re not a fan of falafel, portobello mushroom burgers, butternut squash macaro-no-cheese and notdogs are also on the menu.

Pizza crunch at Mono

https://www.instagram.com/p/BdV3lonlK_t/?taken-at=1134005 | instagram

Perhaps the best spot in Glasgow to satisfy your junk food cravings without slipping up on Veganuary, the Kings Court cafe offers everything from ‘to-fish’ and chips to seitan burgers, piles of mac and cheese and a delectable dessert board that recently featured a towering lemon meringue pie.

One of the classic chip shop dishes that Mono offer is their spin on a pizza crunch, a deep fried pizza quarter served with piles of chips. You definitely wont go hungry with a portion like that.

Mac and cheese burritos at The Flying Duck

https://www.instagram.com/p/BMj5YAWBnN6/?taken-at=160606 | instagram

Comfort food at its finest, Glasgow basement cafe The Flying Duck on Renfield Street offers a broad spectrum of burgers, hot dogs, chilli cheese fries and bowl of ramen all with the vegan stamp of approval.

Yet what it is most proud of is its self-proclaimed invention of macaroni cheese stuffed inside a burrito, nicknamed the macarrito. It has to be seen to be believed.

Maple and cinnamon swirl cake at Foodstory

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bdx7MuDgNS5/?hl=en&taken-by=foodstoryscotland | instagram

According to Foodstory, this maple swirl cake is good enough to be considered a breakfast treat so a slice with a coconut milk latte would be a practically virtuous start to the day.

Based on Thistle Street in Aberdeen, the popular health food cafe offers freshly baked goods each day, from gluten free cinnamon buns to dark chocolate brownie bars.

As well as catering for crowds in the evening with popular chilli bowls and plates of lasagne, they have also launched a health food store upstairs, with a focus on using reusable containers to buy fresh loaves, pulses and cereals.

Pizza at Civerinos

https://www.instagram.com/p/BYE2fqpHclx/?hl=en&taken-at=513695348 | instagram

Despite the slightly out-there name, the ‘Meat is murder’ pizza at Civerinos in Edinburgh is a popular slice of heaven for those going without meat or diary.

A classic based is topped with tomato sauce, artichoke, mixed olives, tomato, basil and Sicilian crumbs. Who would miss the cheese when this slice is completely laden with toppings.

Source: Glasgow & West

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