Motherwell Churches

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Dalziel St. Andrew's Parish Church

43 Merry St, Motherwell, ML1 1JJ

01698 264097

St. Bernadette's Church

Logans Rd, Motherwell, ML1 3PH

01698 263945


Elim Pentecostal Church

Airbles Rd, Motherwell, ML1 2TN

01698 269308

St. Luke's Catholic Church

Davaar Drive, Motherwell, ML1 3TW

01698 230402


St. Mary's Parish Church

Avon St, Motherwell, ML1 3AA

01698 268554


Ebenezer Evangelical Church

Mabel St, Motherwell, ML1 1TY

01698 266262

Motherwell South Parish Church

14 Gavin St, Motherwell, ML1 2RL

01698 260286

St. John Bosco R.C Church

91 Jerviston St, Motherwell, ML1 4JS

01698 832316

Crosshill Parish Church

Airbles St, Motherwell, ML1 1XE

01698 263604

The Kings Church

128 Airbles Rd, Motherwell, ML1 2TQ

01698 268942

Manse Road Parish Church

Gavin St, Motherwell, ML1 2RL

01698 327769

Churches Close To Motherwell

Sacred Heart Church

106 Crossgates, Bellshill, ML4 2ER

01698 351921

St. Johns Church

Duke St, Hamilton, ML3 7DT

01698 286868

St. Patrick's Church

71 Shieldmuir St, Wishaw, ML2 7TH
01698 351921

St. Mary's Catholic Church

120 Cadzow St, Hamilton, ML3 6HP

01698 423552

Holy Family Church

57 Hope St, Bellshill, ML4 1QA
01698 843165

Hamilton Old Parish Church

Church Hall, Strathmore Rd, Hamilton, ML3 6AQ
01698 281905

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